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Laser welding systems  - LWI IV and LWI V

Mobile Flexx LWI V

mobile flexx laser welding

If flexibility is important for you and if you want to be prepared for all eventualities, then the „LWI V Mobile Flexx“ is the right solution for you. This device offers the same possibilities like the „Unixx“ or „T-base“ before. The movement of the table is completely synchronized with the table. Because of the very stable laser platform and the extendible arm the workspace is about 2x2 metres. The flexibly adjustable laser head enables welding and adding material by laser welding in places which are hard to access. This system can be used stationary in the production area as well as as mobile welding station outside the production area. This device will fulfill all your requirements.




  • Compact and multifunctional laser head; manually and mechanically adjustable in all directions
  • Digital joystick control of the X – Y – Z axes
  • Digital control station with touchscreen
  • Central rotation axis of the arm with electric brake
  • High-performance LED illumination
  • Workspaceof up to2x2meters

Technical data:


Source:  Nd:YAG
Gain: Lamp
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Type of operation: Pulse
Max. average power: 120 W (150W / 200W / 300W)
Max. pulse energy: 70 Joule
Diameter of beam tracks: 600 µm - 2,5 mm
Focus: 120 mm
Pulse length: 1 - 20 ms
Frekvence pulzu: up to 20Hz
Microscope: Leica Top
Cooling: 120W heat exchanger
Power: 120 W, 360 V, 3-phase , 50/60 Hz, 4kW
Movement (XYZ): 700x400x300 mm, max.height of parts: 900 mm
Max.Power: 10 kW
Domensions (hxwxl): 850 x 900 x 1200 mm


Ultra Flexx

The Ultra Flexx is a breakthrough on the field of mould repairs. This is a mobile welding station, which can weld both in heights of up to three meters, as well as inLaserschweißen Vision Lintech injection moulds (5 x 5 m). Thus, forms and tools can be repaired quickly and without disassembly and transport.


  • Small laser head can be deflected by 360°
  • Digital joystick control X – Y – Z axes
  • Microscope rotating within 260°
  • Low cooling demands – no external cooler
  • Digital three-axis joystick with a graphic display
  • Digital control station with touch screen
  • Digital 4 axes control
  • Central rotating axis with electric brake
  • Highly efficient LED light
Technical data:
Source Nd:YAG
Gain Lamp
Wavelength 1064 nm
Type of operation Pulse
Max. average power 120 W
Max. pulse energy 80 Joule
Diameter of beam tracks 600 µm – 2500 µm
Focus 120 mm
Pulse length 1 to 20 ms
Microscope Leica Top 20 × magnification
Cooling 120 W enclosed water / air heat exchanger
Power 120 W, 360 V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 4kW
Diagonal movement
Axis XY - 130 mm x 130 mm
Axis Z - 0 – 3000mm
Telescope - 1200 mm
Max. power 10 kW


Chambertype LWI IV

 Is suitable for both normal work operation and laboratory.


  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Large back lighted display
  • Direct lighting of the object welded from above
  • Beam regulation
  • Welding in a protective atmosphere
  • Highly efficient LED light
  • Integrated exhaustion  

Technical data:


Source Nd:YAG
Gain Lamp
Wavelength 1064 nm
Type of operation Pulse
Max. average power 60 W /120 W (open / closed version)
Max. pulse energy 70 Joule
Diameter of beam tracks 200 µm – 2000 µm
Focus 120 mm
Pulse length 0,1 to 20 ms
Microscope Leica stereo micr., 20 × max. magnification
Cooling integrated closed circuit cooling, water / air heat exchanger
Power 1-phase, 230 V, AC 50 Hz/ 60 HZ
Size 620 x 1060 x 1140 mm

Cca 75 kg

Chambertype MaxX

Welding station Chambertype MaxX


The fully enclosed Class 1 laser

LWI IV Chambertype MaxX has a large content of the working chamber (400 l), which can be completely closed. This solves laser radiation protection and possible "location" dilemma of the system into operation. Chambertype MaxX is appropriate to work in any enviroment.

A large control panel - the continuous process control

Possible precision control or stopping of complex operations. Their accuracy is controlled by a system of sensors and continuous process control. The accurate, fast control over all 3 axes is controlled in real time in user-friendly environment by multi-functional joystick.

Guaranteed smooth pore-free welding

The new PDS (distance synchronization of pulses) guarantees an identical weld bead by a minimum temperature of the surrounding material in combination with high precision and continuous digital control.

Easy control

Arranged displays and controls guarantee constant monitoring of all operations. Specially adapted lasers allow to set the correct position for welding.

Technical data:

Source Nd:YAG
Gain Lamp
Wavelength 1064 nm
Max. average output 120 W / 150 W / 200 W / 300 W
Max. power 70 Joule
Max. peak performance 10 kW
Pulse length 1 to 20 ms
Diameter of beam tracks☼ 200 µm – 2000 µm, adjustable motor drive
Focus 120 mm (others on request)
Pulse frequency 1 - 20 Hz
Cooling integrated closed circuit cooling by water / air heat exchanger
Monitoring optics microscope- binocular 20 x
Work chamber (W x H x D) 270 mm x 400 mm x 230 mm
Work board (W x H) 600 mm x 690 mm, stainless steel
Movable axis
X,Y = 250 mm, Z = 350 mm
Suction integrated
Weight cca 350 kg
Power 3 - phase 380 V/ 50/60 Hz / 16 A

☼A brush size is directly proportional to the zoom lenses distance. Setting of the beam diameter ranges from 50 mm to 2.5 mm, depending on system configuration.



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  • LINTECH, spol. s r.o.
  • Žižkova 16, 344 01 Domažlice
  • IČ: 47717076, DIČ/VAT: CZ47717076
  • Tel.: (+420) 379 807 211
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Interesting facts about Lintech:

  • Lintech, spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1993
  • Currently we have approx. 130 employees
  • We have a team of highly professional experts with longtime experience in the field of laser technology working in our company
  • We have been partner of the Centrum of laser technology and automatization at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since 2009
  • We are always focused on acquiring new knowledge in terms of laser technology, cooperating with our foreign partners


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In this short video is dealing about who we are, what we do and where we are heading for.

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