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Pneumatic engravining pen

It is a very popular type, used for marking of a wide range of surfaces. It writes and draws as easily as a regular pen. The marking is deep and thus very durable.
Technical parameters of PNEU PG2:
  • Al—metal version, size 15 x 160 mm;
  • Weight 240 g;
  • Impact rate 3,400/min;
  • Air consumption 0.05 m3/min;
  • Air input: 1/4", noise level:  72 dB;
  • Hose 1,500 mm;
  • Hose diameter: 6.5mm
  • Operation pressure: 6 bars, depending on material;  We recommend using dry and clean air without oil;
  • High quality point is made of tungsten carbide;
  • Use for all types of materials with hardness of up to 60HRC;


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Interesting facts about Lintech:

  • Lintech, spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1993
  • Currently we have approx. 130 employees
  • We have a team of highly professional experts with longtime experience in the field of laser technology working in our company
  • We have been partner of the Centrum of laser technology and automatization at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since 2009
  • We are always focused on acquiring new knowledge in terms of laser technology, cooperating with our foreign partners


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