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Work station

LWI V line of laser welding stations


In terms of the „Workstation T-base V2“ and „Unixx III“ the System LWI V offers very similar parameters and constructions, whereas the the laser head has been radically changed. The new design of the laser head and its new electronic concept enable an easier maintenance and a more stable performance. A big adavantage is the new „Leica“ microscope, which improves the visualisation of the welding process.


The UnixX Series Turns Your Laser into a Real Working Station

Marking Module

This marking module allows marking of components with simple texts or numbers. Information, such as data, serial numbers, etc., may be marked straight onto a component (this possibility cannot be compared with the standard laser marking system – this only concerns simple marking).

This option allows you to easily programme any three-dimensional trace based on up to 100 points manually selected with trace optics and a joystick.

The engine control calculates a direct movement route between individual points, so that they may be automatically welded one by one. This results in a highly accurate welding line, even for extremely difficult shapes. 

3 PCD – 3 point cycle definition

During welding, circular trajectories are commonly used.  Small products may be placed on a turning table or a rotating device.  If this option cannot be applied, newly developed 3PCD function is used.

3 PCD allows the operator to manually select three points, placed far from one another, on a circular trajectory. Using a joystick, the operator may control the trace forward and backward, at a selected speed. 


PDS – Puls Distance Synchronisation

This new PDS system, together with trace control, secures homogeneous welding with a minimized heat affected zone. It is especially convenient for repeated welding. As soon as pulse overlapping is set, this function is kept stable for all axes, regardless of speed and direction.   



This unit was developed for areas where the laser must be ready for any kind of work. This includes welding and cutting of small components or 3 ton moulds.

The ergonomic work table can carry up to 200 kg.

The X axis range is 700 mm, the Y axis range is 400 mm. This allows working with large components without having to move them. You can just turn/tilt the working table, extend its length, and place the large product under the laser with a lift truck.

The head has a support allowing laser head rotation, and thus even welding along the margins and at an angle.

Laser source   Jig specification  
Max. average power 120 W / 150 W/ 200 W / 300W Moving parts x = 750 mm
Max. energy 70 Joule   y = 390 mm
Spot size 200 µm - 2000 µm   z = 655 mm
Power 3 - phase, 400 V/50Hz, 16 A (max. power 6kW / 9kW) Table 40-hole, max. load 300 kg, with rotation
Size of power unit 450 X 900 X 770 mm Dimension 1700 x 1300 x 1800 mm

Weight of power unit

Approximately 100 kg Weight Approximately 500 kg

Workstation T-base V2 LWI V

Due to its positioning laser head, the LWI V laser can be used as both a manual work place and a table version for large components.

  • positioning laser head
  • possibility of using of up to 5 axes
  • partially or fully automated equipment
  • possibility of integration into production lines

Technical data:

Source Nd:YAG
Gain Lamp
Wavelength 1064 nm
Type of operation Pulse
Max. average power 120 W (to 150 W / 200 W / 300 W)
Max. pulse energy 70 Joule
Diameter of beam tracks 200 µm – 1500 µm
Focus 190 mm
Pulse length 1 to 20 ms
Microscope Leica Top 20 × magnification
Cooling 120 W enclosed water / air heat exchanger
Power 3-phase, 400 V / 50-60 Hz, 16 A max 4kW
Laser head dimensions 120 x 120 x 880 - 925 mm / approx. 15 kg
Power supply unit dimensions 450 x 915 x 770-950 mm / approx. 70 kg

All UnixX workstations have large control panels. A big screen and lot of functional keys allow easy parameter settings.



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Further contacts


  • LINTECH, spol. s r.o.
  • Žižkova 16, 344 01 Domažlice
  • IČ: 47717076, DIČ/VAT: CZ47717076
  • Tel.: (+420) 379 807 211
  • Fax: (+420) 379 807 210
  • E-mail: info@lintech.cz

The other contacts

Interesting facts about Lintech:

  • Lintech, spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1993
  • Currently we have approx. 130 employees
  • We have a team of highly professional experts with longtime experience in the field of laser technology working in our company
  • We have been partner of the Centrum of laser technology and automatization at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen since 2009
  • We are always focused on acquiring new knowledge in terms of laser technology, cooperating with our foreign partners


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In this short video is dealing about who we are, what we do and where we are heading for.

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