Laser marking and engraving

Customized laser engraving

Etching with laser technology represents a perfect technical and aesthetical detailing of etched sign or graphics. Etching of injection, casting, and compression moulds that are used in plastic, rubber, and metallurgical industry represent our long-term specialty in the sphere of providing customer services. Just like with punch and stamp production we can start implementing an order right after the submission of graphical documents (CAD data, technical drawing, etc.).
Using laser as an etching tool represents an undisputable advantage as the working or engraving of the material on a component, semi-product, or an already finished product is entirely contactless. This form of engraving therefore physically stresses neither the material nor the product itself during fastening and working. The entire process is controlled by a control PC and special CAD software. We consider short delivery periods commonplace. Usually, they take up to 2 days; after agreement, you may wait.
Laser etching has been used in all spheres of industry and production, e.g.:
Metal tool works and other production; engraving of injection and compression moulds; engraving of spark-out copper and carbon electrodes; ejectors; date stamps; punches and stamps; engraving of cliché; engraving of finished products; etc