Simple form of marking


Burning device VZ

This product is intended for warming of specially shaped attachments that can be used for permanent imprints of a pre-defined relief into the surface.

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Pneumatic hand marker

Manual pneumatic marker of excellent quality; it has experienced a great success in previous years. The equipment is made based on long experience.

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Pneumatic engravining pen

It is a very popular type, used for marking of a wide range of surfaces. It writes and draws as easily as a regular pen. The marking is deep and thus very durable.

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Sealing tongs

All-metal PK10 sealing tongs are made of highly durable chrome-plated steel.

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Portable tool for punching and marking. The inner impact is started with a hand pressure. The micro-marker is practical, multipurpose, and fast. It is made in metal version, with a special modification for integration into production with pneumatic components.

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