Customized production

Production of identification and production labels

Naturally, every product needs identification and marking in accordance with laws or regulations. However, some types of product require permanent, unambiguous, and indelible marking. If allowed by a norm or other regulation, a product may either have an identification or production label, schema, guide, etc. We offer you our rich experience in the production of this assortment of goods. Labels are made of various materials: metals (aluminium, stainless steel, steel, anodized metal, non-ferrous metals, etc.), plastic materials, self-adhesive foils, etc. This cooperation usually works this way: a customer submits graphic documents (CAD data, technical drawing, draft, etc.), and after specification of parameters, material, colours, etc., the labels are submitted to the production. After they are finished, labels are either sent to the customer or remain stored in our warehouse; according to other customer’s requirements, figures are laser-added to the labels (this may be done gradually, e.g. throughout the whole year).

We consider short delivery periods commonplace. Usually, they take up to 2 days; after agreement, you may wait.
Types of labels according to material and production technology:
stainless steel printed labels;stainless steel etched labels; stainless steel etched labels covered with paint; aluminium printed labels; aluminium etched labels covered with paint; aluminium engraved labels; brass printed labels; brass etched labels; brass etched labels – covered with paint; plastic engraved labels; aluminium anodized laser labels; and other possible combinations.