Customized production

Laser welding

LINTECH offers custom repairs and adjustments of tools using laser welding. Laser welding, represents a highly convenient aspect in lowering production costs in case of repair and maintenance of tools. Depending on increasing number of pieces, cutting tools, stamping tools, shaping tools, casting and compression moulds are subject to inevitable wear and tear. In automatic or semi-automatic production processes, tools face maximum stress. Either wear and tear or breaking is basically inevitable. Thanks to our long practice in the sphere of tool maintenance, and the experience of our technicians and tool-makers with support of the most modern technologies, we can provide you with complete renovation and repair of your tools.
Laser beam and an additional material, led to the required place of repair under a microscopic device, are used to repair a damaged place on the tool. The process of repair and leading the laser beam to the repaired place are controlled by synchronised laser beam pulse with the additional material and speed of movement. Highly concentrated thin laser beam carries required energy without a side-radiation right on a given point repaired. Very small details, edges, and shapes that cannot be repaired by other technologies, may thus be welded. For laser facing, LINTECH uses additional hard-surface materials by top producers and suppliers. High repair quality and durability of welded place are thus guaranteed.