Burning device VZ

Burning device VZ

This product is intended for warming of specially shaped attachments that can be used for permanent imprints of a pre-defined relief into the surface. It is primarily intended for labelling of dry, moist and wet lumber, as well as for marking of leather, paper and certain types of fabrics. It is always necessary to carry out individual testing.

Technical data:

  • Power: 600W, 230V
  • First time heating period: 15-20 minutes outdoors at approx. 10-15 °C
  • Marking speed: 0.5-5 seconds according to the condition of the material
  • Regulation: current-voltage
  • Signalisation: red LED light
  • Weight: 1, 5 kg excl. matrix
  • El. classification: safety class I/B ČSN 331600

Embossing die

The burning embossing die is not a part of the device but can be purchased separately. We supply empty embossing dies prepared for engraving the desired characters. We are also able to custom engrave your own embossing dies. Upon request, we can manufacture embossing dies and devices of different dimensions, for example signs as CZ, EUR, company logos etc.

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