Laser marking and engraving

Laser inscription

In situation, when the investment into the purchasing of new technology is ineffective, we offer you customized marking of your products, machine components, parts, and objects. We can custom-mark any amount of your product series. Thanks to its unique physical properties, laser inscription takes a top position in the sphere of permanent marking. The aesthetic impression, together with exceptional quality, readability, and variability, makes this type of inscription one of the most popular ones.
On touching the surface layer of material, laser beam changes its properties; contrast marking is thus created. Today, can implement the marking of all kinds of materials, e.g.: steel, cast-iron, titanium, brass, bronze, aluminium and its alloys, including anodized surfaces, sintered carbide, gold, silver, plastic, multiple-layer and pigment plastic, rubber, self-adhesive foils, products with covering colour, glass, leather, textile, etc. We consider short delivery periods commonplace. Usually, they take up to 2 days; after agreement, you may wait.
Laser etching has been used in all spheres of industry and production, e.g.:

marking of components, semi-products, final products and parts, marking of tools, gauges, plastic pressed pieces, inscriptions of scales and measuring scale numbers, marking of polished and ground parts, marking of parts with surface treatment (paint, chrome, nickel, elox, etc.)