Pneumatic Östling

Combined pneumatic Micro-impact system

It is intended for permanent and flexible marking of various texts, and logos, including 2D codes (Datamatrix) on straight, uneven, or cylindrical surfaces of products and components.
  • Compact industrial design;
  • (stable) low-vibrating, sturdy construction;
  • Capable of very high speed of marking;
  • Low purchase and operation costs;
  • Low maintenance demands;
  • Reliability even in the most demanding working operation;
The marking is done with a highly hard steel point that is being vibrated by a stream of compressed air. Two stepping motors move the point along the coordinates of X and Y axes. The marking is created by continuous point movement that creates a dense line of individual points in an uninterrupted line of the sign.
The combined marking machine is a combination of manual and table versions. When marking large or heavy parts, use this system as a manual version. Apply the device to the marked part and start the marking process by pressing a button integrated in its handle. With light parts, this system may be quickly changed into a table version: Simply hang the device on a stand start the work.