OEM marking fibre laser

OEM marking fibre laser


The LLS-FXX P Series is a range of compact laser marking devices designed primarily to mark objects. The LLS-FXX P includes 10 up to 70 W (optional and more powerful) laser module, enabling high quality marking of a wide range of items. Because these devices have low power consumption, they are the perfect solution for marking objects that require long readability, even in challenging environments.

Objects need only laser radiation (light) for their surface change and marking. That´s why this device does not need to add any refills to its activity. This makes the LLS-FXX P a long-term, low-cost operation device.

By combining high-quality optics and fast-moving laser beam movement, a very short marking time is achieved.

Laser source

The laser light source module includes control electronics and optics in the MOPA arrangement, which forms a source of laser radiation for marking. It is a modern pulsed fiber laser source designed for high efficiency and reliability. The laser light source module also includes a red laser light source with a wavelength of 650nm and a power of less than 1mW and is included in laser safety class 2. The red laser pointer is used to point the marked area on a tagged object. The resulting radiation is coupled to the output light-conducting filament, terminated by the beam collimator, the expanding optic and the output isolator.


The laser marking system can be supplemented by devices that simplify or extend the possibilities of the LLS-FXX P. These are the following:

  • Rotary axis
  • X axis
  • Y axis
  • Axis Z
  • Extraction
  • I / O extension

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