Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is perfect for engraving elaborate inscriptions or graphics, both technically and aesthetically. This modern laser technology is based on material (or colour) evaporation in micrometers depth. It is possible to create a raised insignia, inscription or your company logo onto a material surface by evaporating the surrounds. The engraving depth is up to 1 mm.

Laser engraving advantages:

  • indelibility, durability
  • accuracy
  • precise detail
  • wear resistance
  • contactless process
  • originality

Laser engraving is implementated in areas such as the plastics, rubber, metallurgical industries and production:

metal tool and other production, injection and compression mold engraving, copper and graphite electrode engraving, engraving of presses, punches and dies, printing press plates, finished products, etc.

You can read more information in our technical article about Deep laser engraving on this link below:

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