Laser marking


Marking and engraving of wood is not necessarily always just a design method of processing. Very often, we faced the need to identify and uniquely mark special products of wood or chipboard. These can include shipping pallets, cooking utensils or pieces of furniture. Especially for these types of products, industrial lasers are inevitable. In such cases, speed is critical, as well as the durability of the system and its accuracy. Plotter cutting and marking systems are rather suitable for smaller production, intended for advertising agencies. For such purposes, it is necessary to deploy CO2 lasers of higher outputs, usually with a scanning head.

In some cases, wood can be marked by contrast marking, without significant engraving (i.e. without removing the material). However, this can also been done in reverse order. Using a laser source, we are able to remove the layer of wood without blackening. Scanning, marking and cutting heads permit labelling at a higher speed. Thus, the process can speed up significantly compared to a plotter device. Thanks to higher power of CO2 lasers, these can easily and quickly perform cutting of wood.