VIDEO: Laser machine for marking of plastic parts

Laser description of plastic

VIDEO: Laser machine for marking of plastic parts

As a manufacturer of automated laser machines, the LINTECH company delivers mainly to companies from the automotive industry. A smaller part of our customers are companies from the arms, healthcare and electrotechnical industry.

This laser machine (from the video down below) that was designed and constructed according to the specific requirements of our customer, is now on its way to a manufacturing company from the electrotechnical sphere.

Before we could start designing the machine we had to run some tests at our application laboratory to find the best laser type and parameters. The tests showed us that the best laser for this application is the green one. Its short pulses don´t affect the surrounding and a higher contrast of the laser marking can be achieved. The laser also marks QR code on the plastic foil which is then checked by the scanner implemented in the machine.

You can read more about why it is useful to have the machine vision in the laser machine in our article: 6 questions and answears on the machine vision and the laser technology.

The work efficiency is achieved by the turntable – so called carousel. You can watch the video here:




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